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Tag Descriptions

Page Description - The Description META tag is what the search engines will display along with your title in their results. Search engines will often capture the entire tag, but remember when results are displayed, usually less than 20 words will actually appear. [Max. 255 Characters Recommended]

Keywords - The Keyword META tag is used by the search engines as a means to categorize your website. Choose keywords that are relevant to your site and avoid excessive repetition as many search engines will penalize your rankings for spamming. [Max. 255 Characters Recommended]

Author - The Author META tag defines the author of the document. Supported data includes the name, email address, company name and/or internet address (URL).

Copyright - The Copyright META tag defines any copyright statements.

Language - The Language META tag declares the natural language of the document being indexed. Search engines which index sites based on language will use this tag.

Rating - The Ratings META tag tells the search engines whether the page is acceptable for all audiences, or adult audiences only.

Revisit After - The Revisit META tag defines how often a search engine or spider should come to your website for re-indexing.

Expires - The Expires META tag defines the expiration date of the document being indexed. If there is a preset date when your document will no longer be valid, you should put it here so the search engine will delete it from their database. Otherwise "never" is the appropriate setting.

Distribution - The Distribution META tag defines the level of distribution of your web page. There are currently three forms of distribution supported by the distribution tag: Global (indicates that your page is intended for mass distribution to everyone), Local (intended for local distribution of your document), and IU - Internal Use (not intended for public distribution).

Robots - The Robots META tag (when supported) allows you to control which pages you would like spidered by the search engine robot. You can define which pages to follow, which to index and which to ignore completely.