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Download Defender XT - Customer Mailer Instructions

Importing PayPal and ClickBank History

For PayPal, you can find the link to download your history on the History tab under My Account. You will want to select Comma-Delimited - All Activity as the file type.

For ClickBank, go to the Reporting tab and then Transactions. After you run the report, you see a link at the bottom of the page labeled Export Options: CSV. Click the CSV to download your transaction history.

Open the Customers screen in Download Defender and go to the Import tab. Click Open to load your csv file. If everything looks OK, click Import to add your customers to the database.

Selecting an Email Group

Download Defender automatically creates email groups based on the product purchased. However, you can also create your own groups by simply typing a name in the Email Group field. This can help you create additional groups for other purposes. ClickBank only exports the number of the product purchased, so this can be a way to improve the category description.

Composing a Message

Open the Mailing screen. On the Addresses tab, select an Email group or Product group from the drop down box. This will be your address list. Download Defender will remove any duplicates if they exist.

On the Compose tab you will create your email message. By default the message will be sent as just plain text. If you want to create a html formatted message. You will need to create a web page in your favorite editor and then click the Load HTML File button or copy and paste it into the message field. Be sure to check the Send as HTML box so it is sent with the proper content type.

Attachments can also be added to your message using the Attach button. If you want to imbed graphics in your HTML formatted email you need to add them as attachments. Then, Defender will link them to the message. Otherwise, make sure you use full urls (http://...) for your graphics or they will not be viewable by your customers.


Finally, go to the Send tab to start the mailing. Mail settings such as SMTP Server and User Name for your ISP can be found on the Settings screen. Obviously these will need to be properly set to send mail.

Recommendation: Add a couple of test address to the customer database and make a Test group. Always test your mailings before sending them to your customers.