Download Defender - Support

Download Defender XT - General Setup

System Requirements

Before attempting to install the software please make sure your web server meets the following system requirements:

  • PHP 4+ - Your server or host must have PHP 4 or better installed.

Create a Password Protected Directory

While not required. It is recommended that you create a password protected directory on your website to hold your product downloads. One of the unique security features of Download Defender is the ability to deliver your products from a password protected directory without revealing the password or location of the files. This is the one undeniable way to insure your products are safe.

  • This should be available in your website Control Panel. Check with you hosting company for specific instructions.

Compile a Thank You Script

PayPal Setup Instructions

ClickBank Setup Instructions


Upload your compiled scripts to your web server.

Important Note:  All of the Download Defender php scripts must be uploaded in ASCII mode. Many FTP programs will do this automatically, but not all, so check your program's settings carefully. If you need a FTP program, here are some popular (and mostly free) packages:

FTP Surfer


Overlooking any one of these steps can cause your setup to fail. See the instructions below for recommended testing methods.