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Why do I get an Access Denied message when I test my links?

Using PayPal, this can be caused by an incorrect business email address or incorrect price(s) used to compile the script. Verify that the information used to create your payment buttons is exactly the same as the information used to compile your script.

Another common reason for the Access Denied message with PayPal links is the "rm" code. See PayPal Setup for more information.

In Addition, make sure the Payment Data Transfer and Auto Return features in your PayPal account are turned OFF.  Despite their names, these features do not work correctly with IPN and will also cause an Access Denied message.

Using ClickBank, this will usually be a typo in the Secret Key. Make sure all the characters are the same and are using the same case. Defender automatically capitalizes all the letters in your Secret Key. Make sure the key in ClickBank account is also using all CAPS.

Also, don't use the test links ClickBank sets up in your account. They don't include the Secret Key value, so Defender will see this as an attempt to access the download page directly (which it is).

Do I have to use the PayPal buttons created by Defender?

No, but you may find it much easier. This feature was added at the request of our customers. One advantage of using the Defender version of the button is the "rm" code is automatically added to the button code. If you use the online PayPal button factory, you will need to manually add this code (see PayPal Setup).

If you have a question please contact us.