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Contact Page

Create a PHP email script to allow visitors or customers to email you through a contact form. The script includes everything you need including the submission. Just create the script, upload it to your site, and point a link to it. You may find it useful to use a link like the following which will open the form in a popup window:

Form Mailer

This is a very useful PHP script that will take the results of any form submission and email them to you. All you have to do is point the action tag of your form to the form mailer script and your done.

PHP Link Cloaker

This is really just a PHP redirect script that allows you to mask a horribly long url with a friendly one that appears to part of your site. After the visitor clicks on the link they are redirected to the actual url. Just create the script, upload it to your site. Then point a link to it like any other page on your site.

HTML Link Cloaker

This is the link cloaker sold all over the internet. It is really just a frames page that allows you to open a url in a frame, thus making it appear with your title and a url from your site. Often used to disguise affiliate links. Some affiliate programs don't allow this time of cloak though, so double check before you use it. The PHP Link Cloaker may be your best option. To use it, just create the page and upload it to your site. It works like any other html page.

Javascript Encrypter

This utility converts any html code into javascript encrypted code. This is great for hiding email address and other code from prying eyes. This is not true encryption, so don't expect uncrackable protection, but it will stop most spammers from harvesting your email address.