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Download Defender XT - ClickBank Setup Instructions

Creating Scripts

All fields on the ClickBank configuration screens have context sensitive help to explain the information required.

The Downloads tab will list all the products that will be downloaded with that purchase.

When creating your thank you page you need to include the text $defenderlinks in your page where you want Download Defender to place the product links. For those of you using CSS, a class of defenderlink will be assigned to the <a> tag for style purposes. View the sample page for more details.

Setting Up the Secret Key

  • Login to your account at ClickBank.
  • In the Thank You pages section, set your thank you page to the Thank you script you created.

    For example:
  • Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and enter the 16 character Secret Key you used to compile your thank you page. Use all CAPS in your secret key to avoid verification problems. (Once set, the Secret Key will be the same for all the pages you create for ClickBank)

Setting Up ClickBank Links

Add a seed value to the end of your ClickBank sales link.

For example:

Normal Sales Link:

Sales Link w/ Seed:

During the purchase the seed value (&seed=41FLZ9FJJ) is encrypted using the Secret key you specify in your account and then decrypted for verification. The important part of this process is the Secret key. The seed can be any 9 character alphanumeric string, and does not need to be the same on all your links.


For testing, ClickBank recommends performing tests on a link with the price set to $0.

Important Note:  Do this testing from a link on your website. The test link ClickBank places inside your account manager will fail and only trigger the "Access Denied" page from Download Defender.