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Download Defender XT - PayPal and ClickBank Protection System Are You Using PayPal or ClickBank?
Are Your Products Downloaded From Your Website?

Then you need Download Defender XT!  Defender can protect your products from theft by creating an automated delivery system that insures that only your paying customers are downloading your products. No one will be able to share links to your downloads, or access your thank you page without paying.

Plus, Download Defender XT now makes keeping in touch with your customers easier than ever before. Simply import your history from PayPal or ClickBank and Download Defender will build a customer mailing list and send emails with its built-in mailer. Keep in contact with your customers like never before. A must for update notifications, new product annoucements, newsletters etc.

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" Throughout my years of working on the internet with my businesses, I have used many different types of software to protect my products from being downloaded illegally. My favorite, by far, is Download Defender. With DD, there's no complicated script to configure and install, just a simple, yet very powerful and intelligent, web application installed on my computer, which makes it super easy to protect my product download page in four easy steps. Thanks for such a great product and also. great service!"

Michael Wysmierski

Download Defender XT

bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Download Defender can fully protect your product downloads, so you'll never fall victim to online theft again.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Download Defender is designed to work with PayPal and ClickBank to insure that only your paying customers can download your products. Every sale is validated with PayPal or ClickBank .
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Download Defender thank you scripts don't rely on a third party host. They run entirely on your site.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Download Defender XT requires no special programming skills. You simply fill in the blanks and the configuration utility creates the script for you. NO SCRIPT EDITING, NO MYSQL SETUP, NO HASSLES. If you can upload files to your website, then you can protect your products with Download Defender.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Plus stay in touch with your customers using the built in email utility and create other essential PHP scripts for your website. All with the same fill-in the blank ease.

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