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Thank You Script Features

In a matter of minutes, you can FULLY protect your product downloads, so you will NEVER fall victim to online theft again.

bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Easy-To-Use Configuration Utility - No special programming skills required. You simply fill in the blanks and the configuration utility creates the script for you. NO SCRIPT EDITING, NO MYSQL SETUP, NO HASSLES. If you can upload files to your website, then you can protect your products with Download Defender.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Sell Multiple Products - You are free to create as many Download Defender thank you pages as you need for the various products on your website(s)!
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) NEW! PayPal Shopping Cart Support - the new PayPal Shopping Cart script allows you to sell multiple downloads from one site with just one thank you script. Excellent for multiple products on one site.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) PayPal and ClickBank Integration - Download Defender is designed to work with PayPal's IPN and ClickBank's Secret Key security systems to insure that only your paying customers can download your products.  Every sale is fully verified!
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Automatic Delivery - Once your new customer's purchase is verified, they are taken to a Thank You page to download their product.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Protected Downloads - Download Defender silently delivers your product from a password protected directory.  Your customers never know the actual LOCATION or the PASSWORD for the directory. It remains your secret!
checkmark.gif (564 bytes) Expiring Download Links - Each link on your thank you page is programmed to expire, so the url is worthless within a couple hours. This fully protects you from link sharing and trading!
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) NEW! Customizable Appearance - Create a Thank You page that fits perfectly with your site's theme and then load it into Download Defender. Get a professional integrated appearance from purchase to download.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Save Your Project Files - Save your Thank You script settings, so revisions and changes are a snap.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) Simple To Install - All you do is fill out the configuration pages, click compile, and then upload the file(s) to your web server. It's that EASY!


"I purchased Download Defender for two Clickbank products I have.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to prevent unauthorized downloads of their products.  I needed help with the technical aspect of getting it to work with my products, and the support was awesome!  Great product!  Awesome support!"  

Ron Rougeaux


NEW! Customer Email Features

checkmark.gif (564 bytes) NEW! Easy Import - Import your PayPal or ClickBank history and Defender builds the email database for you. No manual entry required!
checkmark.gif (564 bytes) NEW! Integrated Mailer - Send emails to your customers using the integrated email client. Allows regular or html emails, and attachments. A great tool to make additional sales, provide product updates or send newsletters.
checkmark.gif (564 bytes) NEW! Mailing Groups - Defender automatically allows your to select customers by product group, or you can create you own custom email groups.
bullet-blue.gif (892 bytes) NEW! Save Your Mailings - Save your messages and settings for future use.


"Hi, download defender is great. And its easy to set up. I spent hours working on UNNAMED PROGRAM and was even rewriting php code to make it work... then I realized that the 'secret' directory was not password protected- so any bot could get in there and access my downloads!
You have to have password protection to keep anything out these days. And download defender works with password protection. I had it up an running in 15 minutes. Tested and online in 30. (With NO modifications or fooling with code). Thanks."

Kenn Washer



To use Download Defender XT you'll need the following:

checkmark.gif (564 bytes) The Download Defender XT Configuration Utility requires Windows 98 or greater.
checkmark.gif (564 bytes) PHP 4 (or above) available on the web server (any serious hosting company will have this installed).
checkmark.gif (564 bytes) Ability to password protect a directory for downloads (optional, but highly recommended).

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This is the exact same system used to protect our own products, so we're know it's the solution for you. You've worked hard to build your online business...don't let the thieves steal it out from under you.

In just minutes, YOU can be in control of who downloads your products.

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